Ration was distributed among the needy


Barharwa/Correspondent: The whole world is bearing the brunt of the Coronavirus Epidemic. At the same time, to prevent its infection in India, it has been completely locked down till 14 April. The problem of eating the poor, daily laborers and the helpless is arising due to the lock down.

On the other hand, Rajkamal Bhagat and his associates visited the houses of the needy and helpless people in Jhiktia, Jhaladighi, Yogitola, Nayatola, Kaharpara, Musahari, Bengali Pada, Jonah Patal, Kudhalpada, Paddpokhar Patal, Railway Mushari, Harijan Pada under Barharwa Nagar Panchayat.

Complete Ration were distributed. All those helpless and needy people were also assured that once the ration is over all the content will be provid again. Two days ago, Rajkamal and his colleagues distributed masks and sanitizers among the people.

During this, Rajkamal Bhagat, Vinay Bhagat, Dhwajan Ghosh, Jayakant Thakur, Sunil Bhagat, Amit Gupta, Abhijeet Chaudhary, Chandan Mishra, Kundan, Casto, Amit Deepak, etc. were present.