The Chief Minister consulted with the doctors and private hospitals for prevention of corona virus infection

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Ranchi/Correspondent: Hon’ble Chief Minister Hemant Soren held a meeting with the doctors of the state and representatives of private hospitals on Corona Virus pandemic and it’s prevention. He expressed gratitude towards the doctors on attending the meeting during this time of lockdown. He said that doctors have played a major role to fight against Corona Virus ( Covid-19 ). The suggestion of doctors will play a big role in tackling this menace. The government has strengthened social security in this situation, but the state is somewhat behind in health facilities and resources. The Chief Minister said these things while addressing the doctors of the state and representatives of private hospitals at the Project Building, Ranchi today.

In the meeting, doctors informed the Chief Minister that the prices of medicines related to health have increased and the government should pay attention towards this. The Chief Minister assured the doctors that a dedicated team will soon crackdown on black marketeers . The government will take strict actions against the people who are engaged in black marketing.

The Chief Minister said that there is a lockdown in Jharkhand and everyone is facing problems. In rural areas the lockdown is being followed completely, but in urban areas people are not following it completely. About 7 lakh people of the state are stranded in other states including Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu. In such a situation, when the stranded people come back after the lockdown, then that will be a different challenge. The state government is providing every possible assistance to the stranded people. The government will assess the time and circumstances and decide whether to end or continue the lockdown.

Health Minister Banna Gupta said that  a group of doctors will be created to discuss important matters . The present government is very sensitive towards healthcare and the government  will take care of doctors also . Government is committed to providing better health resources and will work towards it.

In a meeting with the Chief Minister, eminent doctors of the state suggested that the lockdown period in Jharkhand should be extended. There is a possibility of quick spreading of the Virus in the event of ending the lockdown. Social distancing is the best measure regarding safety . we have to do our best given the limited health resources. Dr. Amar Kumar Singh, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh, Dr. Bharti Kashyap, Dr. Iqbal, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal, Dr. Vijay Mishra, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Nitesh, Dr. P N Singh and other physicians gave their suggestions in the meeting.